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USAGA conducts different courses to its members and other interested participants from the region. A number of practical courses are offered in different tourist products offered in Uganda. They are organised to meet the needs of the site, regional and National guides.

Assessment is done later after the training has been done to ensure that the skills gained during the training are put into practice. This grading excercise is subjected to all me members.

Grading of tourist guides – Uganda

Grading of members of Uganda Safari Guides Association.
The main objectives of grading the tourist guides in Uganda registered with USAGA.

        • To ensure that USAGA becomes a truly people – centered organisation that responds to the needs of the tourists that visit Uganda, tour operators in and outside Uganda, and any other interested persons or organization that my need the services of tourist guides.
        • To achieve the highest levels of Integrity premised on professionalism, quality, sevice excellence, honesty, transparency, trust.
        • To enhance USAGA’s Performance through productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and continuous improvements.
        • To ensure the Sustainability of the organisation and its sectors through amongst others, maximised positive image in the industry, strengthening the credibility of the members, and the organization

The process and the criteria

There are 3 ( three ) major categories for grading;

        • Level 1 will be Bronze
        • Level 11 will be Silver
        • Level 111 will be Gold

At all levels examinations will be set for the interested candidates at a given time. Any body to qualify for this level must have been working as a tourist guide/driver guide for not less than 3 years. The examination is set in such away that Section 1 is rich in General knowledge. Who ever passes this qualifies for this level. Other section of the examination are specialized. Birding, culture, mammals, butterflies etc. It is an added advantage for any candidate to do these sections.

For Silver level, the candidate must have passed the Bronze and must have been in the Industry working as a tourist guides/ driver guides for not less than 6 years.

For the Gold level, all candidates must have passed Bronze and Silver levels and must have been in the industry working as tourist guides / driver guides for more than 10 years.

The committee will decide on the calendar of the examinations. However the first one of its kind has been scheduled for Sept. 24th, 2011 at the Uganda Museum.

Out come

The destination Uganda shall strengthen its image as a Must go destination with professional services. Many international companies will find it cheaper to sent tourists to Uganda with out international tour leaders.
The quality of guiding will definitely improve greatly. More and more knowledgeable guides will be available for tour operators to hire at any time of need.
Reading culture amongst tourist guides will improve greatly . This enhances guiding efficiency.
Tour operators will find it easier dealing with registered and qualified tourist guides. This on the other hands reduces on un necessary expenditures accrued by contracting un professional guides.
Professional conduct in the conservation areas shall improve greatly.