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Our General Wildlife Trainings cover the what is indicated in this tableAreas of interest
History of Uganda

- Evolution of tourism in Uganda.
- Origins of markets
- Explorers
- Christianity
- Creation of towns as business centers.
How travel to Uganda started, Kingdoms and chiefdoms, the RGS, the CM
Uganda Tourism ( Trends and Dynamics)

- Uganda tour operators
- Uganda tourist guides
- Tourism sites.
- Uganda Tourism attractions
- Analysis of tourism statics
Geography of Uganda

- Tourism seasons vs tourism activities
- Tourism zones and circuits
- Map reading and route planning
- Clients and Guiding
- Animal Kingdom
- Classification
- Guiding principles
- Code of guiding practice
- Tour Guide etiquette
- Advanced guiding and clients services.
- Categories of tourists
- Wildlife interpretation techniques
Birds and Reptiles- Families
- Birds and their ecology.
- Reptiles and their ecology.
Mammals- Mammals in Uganda
- Mammals ecology
- Detailed facts about mammals
Reptiles and insects
Practical skills in Communication
- Basic wildlife research techniques.
- Wildlife conservation techniques
Oral presentation
Evaluation and Assessment