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Our Cultural Guides Trainings Cover the Following
- Introduction and general Administration.
- People and cultural differences.
- Uganda’s cultural diversity, Uganda and Tourism
- A model cultural guide (roles and duties)
- Guiding techniques
- Principles of a cultural guide
- Guiding and client services
- The concept of Culture
- Cultural dimensions
- Cultural sites
- Route Planning and costing tour itineraries
- Cultural tourism ( evolution, importance, current status, comparison with other parts of the world)
- Marketing a cultural tourism product (Culture and business)
- Cultural preservation and Conservation
- Culture and Wildlife Conservation
- Marketing a cultural tourism product (Culture and business)
- Understanding the Cultural Visitor
- Field Trip
- Visiting cultural sites of the Martyr’s Trail.
- Tourism by-laws and culture
- Documentation and interpretation of data collected during the field trip
- Individual Presentation
- Evaluation and Assessment
-Closure and Award of certificate