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A Uganda tourist Guide and a member of USAGA must:
1. Be a good patriot for Uganda Safari Guides Association
2. In no way discriminate in rendering service to any tourist on any basis e.g colour, gender, ethnicity, nationality, physical challenge, age etc.
3. Be impartial, unbiased and positive and represent Uganda objectively.
4. At all times show willingness to provide optimum support and service excellence to all tourists and will give tourists an opportunity to enjoy or visit a desired destination.
5. Uphold and safeguard the reputation and standards of Usaga.
6. Avoid injuring or damaging directly or indirectly the reputation, interests or prospects of fellow members.
7. Avoid bringing the association into disrepute.
8. At all times present himself/herself in a respectable dress code, attitude and language command while maintaining good personal hygiene.
9. Be punctual, reliable, honest, conscientious and tactful at all times.
10. Be a responsible driver, considering clients and other road users.
11. Conduct the programme /itinerary of a tour to his/her best abilities and be loyal to the company /organization that he/she is representing.
12. Act responsibly, and I the event of a misunderstanding that would result in a conflict, he/she is expected to behave and reason by any possible means to avoid conflict, and should report the incident to any nearby Tourism Authority and/or police Station for intervention.
13. Deal with conflict in a sensitive and responsible manner.
14. Report any incident of injury or death to a nearby tourist authority or police station.
15. Be knowledgeable and shall assist tourists and not provide them with misleading information.
16. In the event of not being familiar with, or being unable to provide information requested by a tourist, consult with the appropriate authorities for assistance.
17. At no time be under the influence of alcohol or a narcotic substance while on duty and shall refrain from administering any medication to a client without proper medical consultation.
18. Never solicit for clients or gratuities.
19. Be concerned at all times for the safety of the tourist.
20. Wear the Usaga national badge and will carry his/her registration card with name, tourist guide number and the seal from Usaga.

Note: The disciplinary committee shall have powers to investigate, take appropriate disciplinary measures or recommend to the executive committee for action to any member found conducting him/herself contrary to the above code of conduct.

I have read and understood the above code of conduct and I hereby promise to abide by it.
Membership NO……………………………..