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Uganda Safari Guides Association

The Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA) was formed in 2000 by tour guides and specialists of tourism sub-activities such as birding, butterflies, reptiles, and cultural tourism, to provide a platform to increase their visibility and recognition as key actors in the tourism industry. USAGA was formally registered as a company limited by guarantee on 14th May 2004, and has since grown in membership and is recognized as the umbrella association of all tour guides and associated clubs in Uganda.

USAGA’s organizational structure is governed by the General Assembly whose authority is delegated to the Executive Committee and operationalized through a secretariat based in Kampala. USAGA membership includes ordinary, corporate and associate members, and with 600 individuals currently registered as ordinary members.

USAGA through its secretariat offers a range of services to its members including; Training for tour guides, Classification and grading system for Guides, Networking, exposure and learning activities, Dissemination of information and knowledge on developments in the tourism industry, Lobby and advocacy to improve the image of guiding services, and Job recommendations to members, among other services. Over the past 10 years, USAGA has actively lobbied Government for policy recognition and the results are evident in the inclusion of guides’ fraternity in the Tourism Master Plan. USAGA works closely with Uganda Wildlife Authority and Uganda Tourism Board, and has also gained industry recognition as demonstrated with the Uganda Hotel Owners’ Association (UHOA) members offering special rates to tour guides visiting their hotels. USAGA holds membership to the Uganda Tourism Association and the Federation of East Africa Tour Guides Association.


To be the leading professional safari guides in Africa



In line with the objects of the association as laid down in its Memorandum and Articles of Association, and taking into account priority areas identified as strategic objectives mentioned above, the following objectives will be pursued during the period of this plan.

Objective 1

To build and strengthen the capacity of USAGA members to provide safari guiding services in Uganda: An effective promotion of tourism in Uganda can be achieved if USAGA members are knowledgeable about the requirements of tourists and tourist attractions in the different parts of the country. To enhance this capacity, skills will be built through training of USAGA members in the different aspects of safari guiding including client/customer care, safari driving, and costing of safaris.

Objective 2

To establish networks with other professional safari guiding associations with similar objectives to promote tourism in Uganda through sharing of information, raising mass support, sensitisation and advocacy: USAGA will initiate and participate in local and international events aimed at the promotion of tourism in Uganda. At the local level, USAGA will participate alongside other stakeholders in locally organized activities aimed at creating awareness of tourism in the country. At the international level, this will include, among others, representation by USAGA. Exchange/study visits to other professional associations within the East African and African region will also be undertaken to share lessons learned and best practices in safari guiding. In the same vein, USAGA will host other professional guides in Uganda.

Objective 3

To create public awareness about the importance of nature conservation such as birdlife, butterflies and other animals and thereby bolstering community/public confidence in USAGA’s efforts to protect the environment and contribute to the growth of tourism in Uganda. (Public Relations for USAGA): Through the use of publications and the media (TV, radio and print), USAGA will endeavour to inform the public about its activities. This is in the hope that a nature conservation culture will be fostered in Uganda and the public mobilised to jealously protect nature (flora & fauna) in their respective communities.

Objective 4

Institutional Development in order to strengthen the capacity of USAGA to promote tourism in Uganda: Since its establishment, USAGA has continued to rely on minimal member contributions towards operational expenses, while some partners have supported its work by facilitating specific activities such as workshops. USAGA currently relies on its executive committee members, who sit within its coordinating office within Nature Uganda’s Office premises. It is important therefore that as USAGA scales-up its interventions in professionalizing safari guiding, institutes adequate and motivated staff with requisite skills to match the tasks outlined in this plan. In addition, equipment, furniture, and operational funds require to be obtained for the smooth execution of activities outlined in this plan.

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